William Greiner (1957) received his BFA in Photography from Tufts University in Boston. His career spans some thirty years, with his work represented in the collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Center for Photography (Bombay), MOMA and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art among others. 

William Greiner's modus operandi is the American color tradition, in which the familiar becomes unfamiliar. The seemingly objective actuality of the city, its banality, its ordinary everyday impression is transformed into a vista of lush saturated palettes of color. 

William Greiner lives and works in Texas.


With Fallen Paradise, William Greiner presents a snapshot of New Orleans, over the course of the decade preceding hurricane Katrina and in which he evidences the city's abandonment before natural disaster struck. Greiner interrogates this urbanscape with a perceptive ye and a highly crafted use of the photographic frame. The series is a celebration of apparent incidental imagery that is, of course, abound in formal devices—frame, vantage point, shape and line. Greiner is successful in compelling us to look, not just at the city depicted, but the the photograph itself. Whilst the importance of his subject does not disappear, these images function as photographic artifact—as observation and cultural object. 

27" x 32" | EDITION: 10+2AP

54" x 64" | EDITION: 2+1AP

C-Type Print