Rhonda Wilson was one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. I still admire her, for the special way she made things happen, and her incredibly creative approach to everything. I also still adore that she was guided not only by intelligence, but also by spirit and intuition, and that she was so talented in bringing the right people together. Out of this, so many new things evolved for others and also for me. It is through Rhonda, that I have become part of the international photo family.
— Ute Noll

Since 2007, Ute Noll is the Owner/Director of the project agency, On Photography & Illlustration, in Stuttgart, Germany. She has developed book and magazine concepts for many art and editorial projects. Ute Noll also works internationally as a photo director, author, curator and university lecturer.

Since 2013, Ute Noll holds the permanent position of photo director of the prestigious Swiss magazine, DU, dedicated to culture, art and modern life,  founded in the 1940s. Since its beginning in 2004, she is a team-curator of the Darmstädter Photography Days, an international photo festival. As a portfolio reviewer she has been invited to numerous festivals and juries all over the world. For many years she has also been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Ute Noll also writes for photo magazines such as Photonews, Photo International and EIKON. 

In her gallery, Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Ute Noll she exhibits international contemporary photographers, with the gallery also serving as her salon. Her work as a curator, as well as her book and magazine publications, concentrate primarily on exceptional art and documentary photography, that often contain social or cultural themes, tied to conceptional strength and corresponding aesthetics.