2011 – 2014

The Forest series was photographed in the Selkirk Mountains, in NE Washington State, a location to which Ken Rosenthal has a longstanding and close affinity with.

With these photographs, Rosenthal taps into what he describes as "a very strong presence .. a force that is hard to define but is experienced viscerally." We see in the images depth of the forest—fallen trees, jagged branches, dense thickets and overgrowth.

For the artist, the landscapes depicted in the photographs function metaphorically for internal physical and psychological states, reflecting the artist's state of being at the time of making. The work is quite dar and densely layered, visually as well as in content. The photographs are interwoven with thoughts of mortality, discovery, loss and renewal. 


20" x 30" image | 24" x 36" sheet

Edition: 10+2AP

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Cotton Rag