Tessa Bunney gained an MA in Photography from De Montfort Unviversity (UK) in 2004. She has a 25+ year career as a photographer, with a particular interest in different landscapes and the way they are shaped by human activity. Recent awards and accolades include nominations for Prix Pictet (2013) and Travel Photographer of the Year (2011). Monographs on her work include Homework (Dewi Lewis, 2010),  and Hand To Mouth (Impressions Gallery, 2007). Bunney's photographs have been widely published in notable journals such as FT Weekend Magazine, Selvedge, National Georgraphic, the British Journal of Photography and numerous online cultural magazines. Tessa Bunney lives in Yorkshire, UK.




Hand to Mouth explores the lives of villagers and nomadic shepherds in Romania's Carpathian Mountains. Made over a period of fours years, Tessa Bunney worked closely with these communities, spending prolonged periods in villages and shepherd camps. As the title suggest, these people survive precariously by their own labor, bringing a new reality to our often idealized notion of self-sufficiency. 

Bunney takes us on a journey through seasons, witnessing the changing landscape and the rhythms of rural activities: cheese making, crop harvesting and sheep milking. Her photographs reveal a way of life that is at time idyllic, yet often harsh. With Romania's European Union membership and its associated health regulations, this mountain culture, rich in traditions linked closely with the land, is now under threat. 


19.5'' x 19.5'' image | 24'' x 20'' sheet, EDITION: 10

29.5'' x 29.5'' image | 40'' x 30'' sheet, EDITION: 6

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