Sarah Lynch received her Masters in Design (Photography) from the Edinburgh College of Art. She is the recipient of artist grants from the The Arts Trust for Scotland and The Scottish Arts Council. Awards include the Jerwood Photography Award, and the Flash Forward Emerging Photographer's Award. Her work has been exhibited in various venues throughout the UK and is in the collection of the State Street Bank.

Sarah Lynch lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.



2003 – 2005

Sarah Lynch's studio-based images present a photographic style that is both seamless and elegant. The tranquility of her aesthetic, in which she presents a tableaux of simple objects in front of a distant horizon line, is counteracted by the tension inherent in the miniature sculptures which she constructs for the camera.

Lynch presents encounters between inanimate objects, in which there appears to be epic struggles of balance and containment. The specificity of scale is enhanced by an evocative reference to landscape. The use of a soft focus between table-top and backdrop, together with a palette of neutral gray tones, elicits an anonymous, empty and potentially vast space. This in turn is pierced by accents of luscious color and a sense of humor, performed by the objects as if on a stage.


17'' x 21'' image | 20'' x 24'' sheet, EDITION: 7+1AP

24'' x 30'' image | 27'' x 33'' sheet, EDITION: 7+1AP

32'' x 40'' image | 36'' x 44'' sheet, EDITION: 3+1AP

Archival Pigment Print on Cotton Rag