2008 – 2009

Naughten has photographed some of the thousands of people, who step out of their daily lives to transform into historical characters from the First and Second World Wars. Titled only with reference to nationality, unit and rank—nothing of the real lives of the individuals is revealed. The portraits themselves, are mostly three-quarter profile, and with a stark, neutral backdrop. The striking detail of each image draws attention to the exactness of the costumes being worn and to the expressions of the subjects. 

Inspried by Richard Avedon's In The American West, Naughten has stripped away the context of the participants, heightening the sense of artifice and, through photographic technique, sublimated his subjects. The flawless prints chromatically echo photogrpahs of the past, yet are undoubtedly contemporary.   


PORTRAITS: 23.5'' x 17.5'', EDITION: 10+2AP

VEHICLES: 17.5'' x 23.5'', EDITION: 10+2AP

PANORAMAS: 21.5'' x 59'', EDITION: 5+2AP

C-Type Print