An image of the Mountains of Kong book cover by Jim Naughten.
Image of a person viewing a stereo photo in Mountains of Kong book.

We were thrilled to receive our copy of Mountains of Kong this week; the latest photo book by gallery artist Jim Naugthen. The Mountains of Kong takes the viewer back in time to a fabled place that may or may not have existed. The Mountains of Kong used to be found on the world’s most prestigious maps of Africa from 1798 through to the late 1880s, when they were finally declared non-existent.

Naughten has created a series of stereoscopic images that tell a very different story, as he imagines a fictitious record made for posterity and scientific purposes, during an expedition to the mountain range.

The book includes 35 images, viewable in three dimensions using the built-in stereoscopic viewer—the very same stereoscopic technology made popular in the late 1800s, that allowed Victorians to travel to the four corners of the globe from the comfort of their armchairs.

With texts by Susan Bright, Denis Pellerin and Jon Loades Carter, this spectacular book is highly recommended and sure to sell fast.

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