We are delighted to present a selection of photographs from the  Binary Code series by Max de Esteban.

The exhibition brings together nine artworks, from the larger collection of photographs. The photographs are a colorful concoction of collages, with individual elements carefully selected from a broad range of source material.

There is no definitive meaning attached to each artwork, thus sending the viewer on a trajectory of multiple narratives that excite the imagination. Elements in each photograph—a woman’s face, industrial structures, silos, graphics, swathes of color—at once seem positively familiar, and yet unknown.

Also in this work, Esteban is concerned with the surface of the photograph, exploring the possibility of texture and whether or not it can be present in the medium.

This is the third solo exhibition by the artist with the gallery, and follows the successful exhibition of Binary Code at the Mirbach Palace (Bratislava, Slovakia), FotoFest Biennal (Houston, Texas) and the Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao, China).

Exhibition dates: September 14 — October 26, 2018.