We are delighted to share this piece, in the Profile column of the Jan-Feb issue of Photograph. Many thanks to Sarah Schmerler for the interview and text.

"When it comes to romance, two hearts are better than one. Might it not also be true, if your passion is photography, that four eyes are better than two? Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching prove both in the way they’ve successfully honed and managed their stable of emerging- and mid-career artists over the last ten years at Klompching, their gallery in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn.

In September 2007, Klompching opened its doors at 111 Front Street, with a stable as diverse as it is rigorous. In 2015, the gallery relocated to an airier ground-floor space at 89 Water Street. “Together we really had an excellent skill set to take the leap,” says Debra. “We impart to potential purchasers the reasons why we’ve invested in the artist ourselves; we share our insight, our passion. But part of the skill of being an art dealer is allowing new buyers to talk and impart their impression of an artwork, and to really listen. We know that once they achieve a level of comfort, they will keep that artwork in their collection for many more years".