A photograph from the Becoming forest series by Helen Sear.

We are pleased to announce the release of two new series of photographs by British artist, Helen Sear.

With the View Finder series, Helen Sear presents a group of 12 photographs of hay bales. These photographs continue ideas, explored by the artist in previous work, where formalism meets the unruly in the managed rural landscape. The hay bales themselves are consistent, central objects. They block the viewer's ability to see the rural vista, but this perception of the landscape is further disrupted by Sear’s slight of hand, or intervention, in the making of the artworks. As with Monet's Haystacks, these photographs are all about the shadows, or absence thereof. The photographs are exquisitely rendered as silver gelatin prints. 

Size: 10"x10"" image | 13"x12" sheet
Medium: Silver Gelatin Print
Edition: 5+2AP

The Becoming Forest series is an extraordinary body of work that explores the experience of moving through a marked forest landscape, and the altered/heightened perception of surfaces, forms and space.

As with her earlier work, Sear's gesture of the hand is visible, where she has traced the lines of new forest growth, using a digital pen and tablet. The chaos and entanglement of these hand drawn lines that follow the actual forest growth, contrasts with the geometric neon pigment marks spray-painted by the foresters. The artist draws comparison to the lines of the skin of the hand, or the veins of the interior human body. 

Size: 39.3"x39.3" image | 43.3"x43.3" sheet
Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Edition: 5+2AP