Elaine Duigenan's work looks closely at objects. Specimens—both made and found—are recorded in the momentary state between grace and collapse.

In this intimate series of images, Duigenan has photographed the arterial wanderings of snails, as they graze upon algae, leaving behind an aftermath of claw-like patterns—caused by the rasping action of the snail’s spiky tongue.

On a micro level, these rambling and chaotic patterns, attest to a plodding yet vigorous life-form. On a macro level, they’re dendritic appearance resemble earth’s estuaries as viewed from far above. By presenting the images within a circular frame, these stunning monochromatic photographs are transformed into floating planets, as we might imagine them on a cosmic scale. The planetary metaphor is further enhanced with titles that refer to cartographic terms of old, that placed Earth in a philosophical and religious setting.

Prior to their completion and exhibition, an image from Micro Mundi was launched into space on Shuttle Atlantis on November 16th 2009.


14" Diameter on 24" x 20" sheet | EDITION: 5+2AP

18.5" Diameter on 32" x 24" sheet | EDITION: 2

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper