With the series Not Dark Yet, Ken Rosenthal examines his relationship to a post-9/11 world, in which he felt his life was radically different.

“Although fortunately not directly affected, I found my life had been impacted, primarily psychologically. As a parent of young children, I had always assumed that I would be able to keep them safe, out of harms way. I was no longer able to take such things for granted”.—Ken Rosenthal.

While these photographs are formally similar to his previous series Seen and Not SeenNot Dark Yet contains a more distanced, anonymous human element. The landscapes are stark, and possess a strange and disquieting beauty. These works reflect not only a sense of anxiety and fear, but ultimately one of hope.

Each of the photographs are printed by the artist, using traditional darkroom techniques.


15” x 15” image | 20" x 16" sheet

Edition: 25+3AP

Split-toned Silver Gelatin Print