As I witness an earlier generation of family members pass, it has become important to preserve their memory. Not having my own family archive of photos, I reached out to relatives to go through photos, searching for secrets that each photograph might reveal about the familial lives my ancestors once led. Through this work I have become interested in the origins of personal identity as it relates to my Italian lineage and its sartorial ancestry. I am curious how the past relates to the present, and how the bloodline passed down through generations represents the passage of time. Utilizing a digital composite photograph of the old and the new, I incorporate my own blood specimens onto slides, stitching them on the image to create new family portraits as an archive and memorial that connects my identity with the past while preserving the present.

PRINT INFORMATION: Archival Pigment Prints, thread & blood samples on slides | 7”x7” image on 14”x14” sheet | Edition: 5+2AP with variations.


JP Terlizzi is an artist who uses photography to explore themes of memory, relationship, and identity. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences he captures moments that convey narratives—whether the story is a framed moment that reveals something about family and home, or a poetic interpretation of a fading reality, the feeling of belonging and connection are recurring themes in his work.


Born and raised in the farmlands of Central New Jersey, JP currently lives in the NYC area. His career spans thirty plus years as creative director for a boutique agency specializing in retail design. He earned a BFA in Communication Design at Kutztown University of PA and has studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York and Maine Media College in Rockport ME. His work has been widely exhibited in the United States and abroad.

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