Influenced by Weegee's gritty street photography, Brassai's Paris images and the work of Jill Freedman and Walker Evans, these black and white portraits are a collection of late night flashes that capture the energy of downtown Savannah, GA after dark. For the past seven years I have been using a Polaroid ProPack camera to document the people that frequent the single strip of bars in this swampy city, where it’s legal to leave with your drink and go out into the streets. Though the bars and clubs are where people go at night, the streets and sidewalks are where people really meet. These images are a glimpse of the characters and the drama that ensues, a show of fashion, lust and loneliness that comes to a close each night only when the lights come on.

PRINT INFORMATION: Archival Pigment Prints | 16” x 12” image on 20” x 16” sheet | Edition: 5+2AP.


I have spent the last seven years working on "Late Night Polaroids," documenting the nightlife in Savannah, GA. Growing up in Savannah, I spent many nights in high school and college wandering the streets going to see live music and meeting interesting people between venues. It was only years later that I started bringing my camera with me. Most of the people I photograph start out as strangers, but in the five minutes or so I spend with each subject we get to know each other a little bit and in some cases, become friends. I use the original polaroid more as a negative, scanning in the instant shot and editing in photoshop, then outputting the final print at 16x20," many times the size of the original.


Emily Earl is a photographer based in her hometown of Savannah, GA, where she has spent the last nineteen years documenting the faces that make up this quirky, sultry town. She uses moments of darting eye contact and unabashed body language to tell stories on film. She received a BFA in Photography in 2007 from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2017 she won the Portfolio 2017 High Museum Purchase Award at the APG Gallery in Atlanta, and has work in many private collections as well. She has been featured by the New Yorker Magazine as well as Polaroid. Emily is a founding member, and also serves as Director of Public Relations & Special Events at Sulfur Studios, a community art space in Savannah. Emily is also the owner and operator of Prismatic Prints, a fine art print shop that offers image scanning, editing & design, printing, mounting and framing services.

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