Prisoners’ Barracks (Stalag XB, Sandbostel, Germany), 2015
Valley of Death (Flossenbuerg Memorial and Museum, Germany), 2016
Foundation of Secret State Police, Berlin Wall, Reich Aviation Ministry (Berlin, Germany), 2016
Jewish Ghetto - a tram used to go through the ghetto without letting passengers on or off (Krakow, Poland), 2016
House of the Wannsee Conference - where the Final Solution was decided upon (Berlin, Germany), 2016
Pond in which the ashes were dumped after cremation (Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, Poland), 2016
Congress Hall (Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Nuremberg, Germany), 2016
Watchtower (Dachau Memorial and Museum, Germany), 2016
Tree on Foundation of Prisoners’ Barracks (Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum, Germany), 2014
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