beyond the view


With, Beyond The View, Helen Sear continues her investigation into the sublime—and an engagement with the retinal and digital—through her innovative use of image superimposition and erasure. The dialogue between the artwork and viewer, as well as the labor of the artist’s hand, is enhanced by a shift in scale that emphasizes the artist’s concern with the viewer’s habits of looking.

Beyond The View was photographed in and around the agricultural lands south of Milan, in response to the ‘hidden’ presence of women in this rural environment on the edge of the city. Within this context, Sear develops her interest in the presence of women within the clichés of landscape and portraiture, particularly referencing the Northern Romantic tradition of painting.


39.3'' x 39.3'' image | 43.3'' x 43.3'' sheet

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Cotton Rag